IT Consultancy

Orbixon team has decades of experience preparing SOPs for challenging business institutions. We begin by looking at your existing processes to make sure they comply with current regulations and guidelines, and are aligned with industry best practices. From there, we develop new SOPs for you, or revise your existing ones. Afterward, we create customized training courses to educate your staff on your company’s procedures.

We are also providing supports starting from Preparation of RFP, Vendor evaluation, Implementation Project management support etc. We have extensive experience across this entire process from definition to development to selection. Having also responded to innumerable enterprise level RFPs in our staff's years working for major software vendors and consulting companies, we 'walk the walk and talk the talk' when it comes to understanding what needs to be in the RFP to allow invitees to respond in an accurate manner and to allow for the fair comparison of potential partners.