XPro Suite is a comprehensive and light weight software suite for small and medium business. It consists of the following modules:

  • XPro ADMIN
  • XPro SALES
  • XPro CRM

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The technical and functional administration of Xpro-Suite is manged through this module which include Security Admin.

  • Receive New Registration details of Mobile Client (in the Mechanics mobile)
  • Display the details of the new registration mobile client by the mechanic. So that further communication from Admin console to mobile is possible.
  • Complaint allocation / or reallocation to a mechanic
  • View status of Complaints
  • Remove the obsolete Mobile Registration (in case of mechanics left company)
  • Manage Customers, Mechanics etc.
    View Mail from Customers and reply
  • Send Mail to Customers on the status of complaint
  • Configure work Flow

A comprehensive and simple to use Financial Accounting module that can integrate financial functions of any business organization.

  • Manage Bank
  • Manage Cash
  • Manage Chart Of Accounts and Ledgers
  • Journal Book Keeping
  • Manage Debit Note and Credit Note
  • Financial Reporting

The front office function of business organization is efficiently managed by this module.

  • Manage Purchase and purchase returns
  • Manage Sales and Sales returns
  • Billing / Invoicing
  • Manage VAT/GST returns
  • Manage Sundry Creditors and Debtors
  • Manage Outstanding Receipts
  • Manage Stock

An efficient tool to manage Marketing and Customer support and achieve ultimate customer satisfaction in business.

  • Manage Client information
  • Manage Business Lead information
  • Manage Marketing Team and Support Team
  • Follow up Business Lead until close business
  • Follow up Client Complaints until delivery of solution
  • Notification to Clients on the complaint status